We have been operating in the International Fruit Trade since 2002, but it was in May 2015 that Patricia Maruska, Leonara Brusgui Ferraz and Kepler Silva founded FOREVER5, a company specialized in produce and commerce of top quality fruit to the international market.

The synergy of our complementary skils and the sharing of our visions, wishes and hopes has allowed us to begin this great challenge, but despite the greater experience of the partners coming from TAHITI LIMES EXPORT, FOREVER5 started its activities in 2015, exporting MANGOES, from the São Francisco Valley.

Already in 2016, FOREVER 5 joined a group of local producers at São Francisco Valley, and through the leasing of 70 orchards, assumed responsibility for the agricultural management of these areas, seeking to focus them on fruit production aimed at export.

In 2017, Forever5 resumed its work with Tahiti Limes, establishing itself in the most important fruit producer center, Itajobi / SP, and together with dedicated and exclusive partners since then it has been seeking to develop solid partnerships with superior results for both companies.

In 2018, Forever 5 broke the 3 million / kg mark of exported fruit between Mangoes and Tahiti Limes, and could make a major investment by purchasing Fazenda Sabiá 1, with 70 hectares of irrigation land within the São Francisco Valley. .

In 2019, with the projection of breaking the 4.5 million / kg exported mark, the company consolidates itself as an important exporting player for the MANGOS and TAHITI LIMES chains, and takes another important step towards its future, inaugurating in the Netherlands, FOREVER 5 EUROPE, sister company, which will be responsible for the Group's operations in Europe, with autonomy and independence, and which already brings with it a new challenge, acting in the marketing chain of AVOCADO HASS and other fruits. .