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We are a specialized in International Fruit Trading. From tree to plate, our mission is to deliver fruits that carry out our commitment to quality to our customers around the world. We operate in fruit export since 2002 with own production and in partnership with other local producer partners.

We are a team of experienced and experienced professionals who work with dedication and commitment, within the GLOBALGAP and GRASP certification standards, to make things happen differently, better and with better results.


We work with Kent, Keith, Palmer and Tommy varieties, taking care of the entire operation from planting to customer delivery in the European, Asian and Canadian markets. Our packing house is Globalgap / Grasp certified and is located in PETROLINA - PE known internationally as the San Francisco Valley.

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Known in the international market as SEEDLESS LIMES for not having seed, its consumption has been growing every year. Located in ITAJOBI, Brazil's largest lemon producer, our packing house has a processing capacity of over 01 ctnr / day and is Globalgap / Grasp certified.

(Persea americana) Hass variety

Originally from California / US, avocado is a high-nutritious fruit rich in fiber, monounsaturated fat, vitamins and minerals, and its consumption has grown year after year as health benefits are proven, giving more energy and vitality to the body for daily activities and even to practice sports.

We are people of the world and our company as well. We use our relationships with international trading partners to make our business happen in the markets of EUROPE, ASIA and AMERICAS.

We seek to understand where the opportunities are, how to make them possibilities, projects and results, for us and all those around us, always understanding that ethical relationships, based on trust, mutual care and fundamentally results-based, allowed us to achieve the sucess we pursue for our company and those with us.